Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Asuransi Mobil Indonesia

Perlukah membeli asuransi mobil
Whoever does not love stricken especially concerning personal items such as cars or houses. Surely every time we always try to be - careful while driving, leave the house or go anywhere, but the name is unfortunate that no one can predict when disaster will come.

Such as we were driving on the highway at a reasonable speed, arrived - arrived in front of our vehicle braked suddenly causing the car behind him also helped brake suddenly to finally happen pileup. Who is to blame and the most disadvantaged? Surely all the victims of the pileup and the most disadvantaged in the event again this is a car owner who does not have vehicle insurance.

Even if the incident was regrettable, quieter still if anyone does not provide reimbursement so dizzy choose which repair shop to repair and how much it cost. Settlement of insurance claims in addition to the documents required such claims have been reviewed in the "Insurance Claims Apparently it is not difficult" ( . Insured parties also have an obligation to pay part of the insurance reimbursement, which amount has been specified in the insurance policy. For example every time you make a car insurance claim, the vehicle owner must pay Rp.200, 000. - Per incident claim. The question that often arises is: "It's got a scar disaster remains to be paid as well? We already pay a premium ... ". Blogs covering more about this are here.

Provisions participate pay such losses / damages borne known as Excess / Deductible and this has been specified in the regulations, including the amount of insurance. Excess / Deductible is applied in order to:

Policyholders continue to have an attitude of prudence in maintaining their property, not frivolous even though her belongings are insured. Inevitably arise cautious stance and maintained for disaster losses even if there is a part that remains to be paid as well.
Not abroad - random proposing an insurance claim for his own profit.
Thus both parties equally bear one another in case of disaster.
One of the best provider of asuransi mobil is the well-known mitraaca, located in Indonesia.
But still more profitable have insurance because if there is a loss, the insurance company that bears more risk.
Can take advantage of an insurance claim
The joy of having car insurance is that we do not have to bear alone the cost of replacing the vehicle in case of disaster for us.

When an accident or collision, for example, let alone involve third parties who are victims, with no insurance we can quietly undergoing completion.

Often times that make us feel constrained in handling insurance claims settlement is the lack of information / knowledge of the problems surrounding insurance.

Indemnity claims such vehicle can not be provided by the insurance costs exceed the losses suffered.
For example, a tape loses his car in the parking lot when in use somewhere because burglarized, for example, vehicle owners think while there is a chance then ask the insurance replaced its brand better than it has previously. A thought which seems only natural that by the vehicle owner, but unfortunately it can not be done by the insurance company not because they do not want to provide the best service for its customers, why?
Perlukah membeli asuransi mobil
Insurance companies have already established working principles as guidelines to be implemented in the event include losses that befell its customers then the insurance company will only reimburse the excess profits that do not provide for claims filed in other words, given the large number of replacements the same loss and is not excessive at all . In the world of insurance called indemnity.

So the insurance company will pay the damages to its customers on insurance claims filed in form include:

Amount of cash at the value of the claimed loss occurs shortly before the disaster
Replacement of similar objects in the claims if there are on the market
Improvements in claims if the object is still possible to be repaired
By increasing understanding of insurance claims, broaden the car and also how important your home to be insured.
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